Vitalik Buterin Gave HIVE a Shoutout On The Tim Ferris Podcast

Vitalik Buterin appeared on a recent episode of the Tim Ferris Podcast to discuss everything going on with Ethereum, but during the conversation he also talked about HIVE, using it as an example of how a community can fork a project when there are concerns about how the blockchain is being managed. This endorsement could have something to do with the spike in Hive price that has coincidentally taken place around the same time the interview was posted online.

Start listening just after 22 minutes. I have the selection qued up:

The discussion explores a lot of blockchain basics but is still interesting.

Unfortunately, this might not have been the best time for the site to be getting so much attention, considering that links on the website seem to be broken and are currently impossible to share on other social media websites. Other interfaces like Peakd work totally fine, but whenever I try to share a Hive link with someone, this is the notice they receive. This may not seem like a big deal, but if people are unable to share our links this can significantly impact the chances of the platform going viral in situations like this.




Author of a few books on counter-culture, anarchism and weird stuff

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John Vibes

John Vibes

Author of a few books on counter-culture, anarchism and weird stuff

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